I consider so many of my years wasted
not because I had no guide
not due to lack of guardianship
not due to lack of followership
not due to lack of religious activities

I consider so many of my years wasted
because my mentors were in books
I never had close interactions with them
Elders around could not fit into the role
because their lives also lacked mentorship

I consider most of my life wasted
for the struggle with most encounter
love was near but so far reached
care was seen but never given
It’s been a life of self motivation

I’m happy today
I’m celebrating a friend, father and mentor
the few years of knowing him
have made me so grown
in depths of understanding
this is a support system I have missed.

It’s his birthday today
I rejoice with unscathed rays
Though without a gift at bay
This I have to say
Together with friends home and away
To my mentor is HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Composed by Benjamin Ekpe



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