I do not have anything says IGNORANCE
But WISDOM says I have got everything

IGNORANCE pretends to be virtuous
always asking questions makes WISDOM a vice

WISDOM is a gift
IGNORANCE comes on a platter of GOLD

WISDOM makes you work smart
IGNORANCE makes you work hard

A good thought provoker is WISDOM
An anger incubator is IGNORANCE

WISDOM has the all-seeing eyes
IGNORANCE is heavy with myopicism

in WISDOM you find FAITH
IGNORANCE builds a mountain of FEAR

WISDOM prays
IGNORANCE complains

WISDOM seeks for more in wealth
IGNORANCE is contented in misery

WISDOM says work, work and work!
IGNORANCE says yet a little sleep, I will work!

We have everything?
Knowledge is power
Applying knowledge is power
Use what you have (ideas)
To get what you want (wealth)



We are inspired by a paradigm shift futuristic approach to information and communication management with a focus on document and manuscript handling to include: proofreading, editing, content developing, advertizing, public presentations and strategic planning. It is an information hotspot. Indeed, God gives the idea, we connect it...

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