It always good to be here…

I just had an inspiration this morning and I would like to share it with you.

The basis for this inspiration is drawn from the fact that a number of persons have complained severally about not having something to do…

It sometimes baffles me that despite months and sometimes years of joblessness, some persons still do not engage in any form of ‘busyness’.

It is a form of busyness that gives us a business. At a start it may not be profitable money-wise, but it takes consistency and dedication.

Elder Barr. Agholor once said that ‘Education is good, but education without employment is a social tragedy. AND lack of education with lack of employment is double tragedy.

You are educated, but it helps if we know that education is a continous form of learning, it is not about certification, it is about how well you can translate knowledge to benefit yourself and others.

To end this morning’s thought, let me communicate my inspiration…

“The earlier we understand that always asking for favour is another form of begging, the better we explore our God-given capabilities and ideas.

Therefore, get more educated and get EMPLOYED today.

Its your host …



We are inspired by a paradigm shift futuristic approach to information and communication management with a focus on document and manuscript handling to include: proofreading, editing, content developing, advertizing, public presentations and strategic planning. It is an information hotspot. Indeed, God gives the idea, we connect it...

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